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Nov 13, 2012 05:52 AM


Anyone have suggestions for where to buy a turkey to cook for Thanksgiving? We got one at Everett's last year and were very happy with it, but wanted to see what else is out there.


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  1. Clancey's in Linden Hills would probably be good. Also Nelson's in Hopkins has several bird options, including goose if you wanted to go that route.

    1. I noticed the Wedge seems to have a lot of options on their website. Big Daddy's is doing Hickory Smoked Ham and Turkey. Surdyk's seems to have a couple of options, too.


      1. Ha...I was just on my way to make this thread. I got a Kadejan bird from The Wedge last year. It was pretty good, but I'd like to go a different route too.

        I'm thinking about trying a Ferndale bird this year.

        Does anyone know if Heartland is selling any at their market?

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        1. re: BigE

          Local d'Lish tweeted this last night:

          Thanksgiving is so closed! But it's not too late to reserve a tasty Ferndale Market turkey. We still have several...

          1. re: bkmnus

            I need to revise my original post. I ordered my bird from The Wedge last year.

            Anyways, as far as Ferndale, they are widely available, including at Kowalski's, The Wedge, Seward, Mississippi Market, etc.


            1. re: BigE

              On sale at Seward for $1.99/lb. That swung us this year!

          2. re: BigE

            What did you think of the Kadejan bird? I love their chickens. I'm thinking either the Kadejan ($2.29 a pound) or what I usually do, a Lunds fresh free range ($1.69 a pound). Was the Kadejan worth the extra money?

            1. re: SarahInMinneapolis

              Sarah, I come from the classic $0.99 per pound pop-up timer dry turkey MN upbringing. Last year was the first time I took complete control of the bird, and I've been asked to do so indefinitely :) Unfortunately, I can't really speak to the difference in quality compared to other birds. It did seem to have a more pronounced flavor than previous years. Not necessarily gamey, but still better, in my opinion.

              It will be my fall back bird this year, if I can't find another one I like.

              1. re: BigE

                Thanks, Big E. Me, too, on growing up with the pop-up freezer birds, which always struck me as just fine (although I've got to think those birds were better decades ago compared to the ones available, now). I'm off to the Wedge, today, to order a Kadejan.

                Thanksgiving is the holiday I host and I spend a lot of time on the food. Homemade bread in the stuffing and plenty of the turkey stock for both the dressing and gravy using this recipe:

                1. re: SarahInMinneapolis

                  You can order the bird on their site through Thursday and pick up will start on Friday:


                  1. re: BigE

                    In past years, the Wedge has been able to help procrastinators as well. They generally have some available for pickup without a reservation. I'd give them a call to confirm though.

                    We generally have gotten Kadejan turkeys from the Wedge and have been very happy with them.

                    1. re: BigE

                      Kadejan turkey ordered, thanks. FYI, The Wedge also has a great price on turkey wings for stock: $1.79 a lb. [I've been buying frozen Kadejan chicken carcasses -- caraii?! -- there for years.]

              2. re: BigE

                Yes, Heartland is taking orders on birds through the 17th. They have free range duck, goose and turkey priced at $6/lb, $8/lb and $4/lb, respectively.

                1. re: mull0263

                  Do you happen to know the source on any, the duck and turkey specifically?

                  1. re: BigE

                    Sorry, didn't inquire, just happened to see the posting while I was in there earlier and it didn't list the source.

              3. As of a couple of days ago, the St. Paul Farmer's Market still has some vendors with turkeys available for purchase, including Farm On Wheels (where we usually get ours).

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                1. re: mtullius

                  These guys are the best, imo. worth a call. I'll post back with some info if possible.


                  Update: turkeys are at Clancey's, Kramarchuk's and Birchwood.

                2. I love the turkeys from Callister Farm. Not cheap, but oh so worth it. Their chickens are worlds better than Kadejan, too. Word to the wise....

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                  1. re: AnneInMpls

                    callister chickens are absolutely more expensive and not as high quality as kadejan.
                    I prefer the Kadejan bird over even the poulet rouge that callister raises. Kadejan air cools the birds post slaughter, it retains juiciness and fat better.