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Nov 13, 2012 05:29 AM

Beef dripping or lard

Hi all looking for help in finding beef dripping want it to make some yummy Yorkshire puddings,
Anywhere in Boston, metro area or North shore, a hell anywhere I'll travel to get no problem
Lard is a poor second choice
Thanks in advance

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  1. My impression is that beef drippings aren't something one buys, but instead what's dripped off the beef and left in the bottom of the roasting pan after you're done cooking your roast beast.

    Lard, however, is available in many grocery stores - Market Basket around here for sure.

    Best of luck.

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    1. re: enhF94

      IIRC, I saw sizable styro trays of unrendered beef tallow in MB this week.

    2. I have had good luck just talking to the meat cutter at your local grocery store. Specify that you're looking for some beef fat to make Yorkies, and if he doesn't have some on the table at the moment, he'll usually have some by the time you've chosen your flour, eggs and milk.

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      1. MF Dulock, the new butcher just outside of union square somerville has beef suet.

        1. Worst case, cook a few burgers in a cast iron pan, remove the burgers, add a little beef stock and reduce, voila!