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Nov 13, 2012 04:06 AM

2 Lunches, downtown SF

I'm at a conference in the Hilton (Union Sq), only 2 free days for lunch. Any recommendations for something 1) exceptionally delicious 2) unique are accepted. Go! (thnx)

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  1. How much time will you have for your meal? Will you be dining alone or with other people? Will you be having lunch on weekdays or on the weekend?

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    1. re: DavidT

      I have Thurs and Fri, plenty of time, and could be alone, or with a friend or two.

      1. re: blweis

        It would certainly depend on what type of food you like.

        The 200 block of California Street (a 15-20 minute walk from the Hilton) has a few options. Perbacco is perhaps the finest Italian restaurant in SF. They also operate Barbacco, which is a more casual place next door. The Tadich Grill is a classic "old-school" seafood house that is popular with both locals & tourists. It has a large counter that is perfect if you are dining solo.

        You should also go to upper right-hand corner of this page and do a search for "Union Square." You will find many, many past threads that should be of interest.

        Past thread on Barbacco:

        1. re: DavidT

          Thanks- ironic, as I am headed to Perbacco for dinner! But I'll look into the Tadich Grill, and search for Union Sq, too.

            1. re: blweis

              yank sing
              boulette's larder
              one market

              are all good options. where are you visiting from?

              1. re: Dustin_E

                I'm coming from North Carolina, but I've been to the Bay Area loads of times, grew up in SoCal, and regularly visited tons of friends between Berkeley and the city..

                Thanks for the ideas!

    2. Lunch is an easy call.

      Taking the "F" up Market to Zuni (10 minutes?) is always a good idea: half a dozen oysters and a vodka gimlet followed by the house burger and string fries always works.

      Tadich is classic. You can walk there. Go late, closer to 2 p.m., and sit at the serving bar. Let your waiter order for you. He knows what's fresh and tasty on any given day. The Hangtown Fry is iconic.

      I like dim sum and Yank Sing never disappoints. Two locations: Stevenson Street and the Rincon Center on Spear St. Of the two, I prefer the Rincon Center. The Stevenson Street place is a little closer to Union Square, your call.

      Eating at the Ferry Plaza can be interesting. I like to buy stuff at the various outlets (cheeses, breads, terrines, whatever) and take them over to the bar at the Wine Merchants for a solo feast. The barkeeps are personable and will guide you to some solid wine selections by the glass to go with your ad hoc meal. The people watching is excellent if you position yourself properly (north side of the bar proper looking south).

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      1. re: steve h.

        tadich and the rincon center yank sing would be my top picks.

        at tadich, i like the sand dabs a lot.

      2. Wexler's. Smoke is the not so secret ingredient in all their food. Have had nice dinners there, but haven't been to lunch. Dining counter is perfect for soloist.