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Nov 13, 2012 04:02 AM

Zucca (London) -- Anyone been recently?

I had an excellent meal there over a year ago and have a reservation to take a visiting friend in a few weeks, but was a little concerned to see a string of recent negative reviews (describing both issues with service, which I'm taking with a grain of salt, but also issues with the quality of the food). Has anyone been recently who could speak to whether they are having some problems in the kitchen at the moment?

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  1. Was there 6-7 weeks ago still very good but not quite the excellent/fantastic of a year ago

    Still better than 99% of places in London though things slip very quickly - last Saturday night one of my favourite restaurant's had a big slip, taken on a new chef the food was average, fingers crossed it picks up fast!

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      Similar experience at Zucca when I went a couple of months ago. Prices have gone up while the quality has slipped slightly. Not unusual for places go downhill or offer less value after increases in demand from publicity.

      Pizarro is a much better bet in my experience, and they've maintained their quality well, probably because they were always packed from the start (not counting their soft opening days).

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        Just curious - which of your fave restaurant's that?