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Nov 13, 2012 03:03 AM

Looking for restaurant in Flatiron

We are coming to NY tomorrow (Wed) and would like to see the ABC store and have a late lunch/early dinner before the 8 pm show. Nothing available at the ABC restaurant. What other restaurants would be a fairly short walk (10 minutes) with 2 or 3 star prices instead of ABC's 4 star? We like seafood and non spicy food, but beef is ok too. Any good irish pub around there? Staying in midtown west. What subway should we take? Can't wait to celebrate my birthday at Le Bernardin on Friday.

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  1. Old Town Bar & Restaurant for old school tavern food and atmosphere. Boqueria for tapas.

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      Thanks, I will check that out. I'm also looking at Gramercy Tavern.

    2. You could try Union Sq cafe, Craftbar, or go around Eataly and eat there

      1. This site is solely for food and dining. For travel options try

        1. Maybe BLT FIsh, or Basta Pasta