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Nov 13, 2012 02:40 AM

Thanksgiving in East Lansing, MI

Our family will be visiting our son who is at MSU in East Lansing for Thanksgiving. We are staying in a hotel so we need suggestions for Thanksgiving Dinner.

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  1. I hope someone gets back to you soon, as I'm curious about this as well. I was trying to think of places in the Lansing area (E. Lansing, Okemos, etc.) and I'm sure there are some open for Thanksgiving, but the places I just checked were not going to be open. Does your hotel have a restaurant that might do a buffet?

    Some other places I thought MIGHT be open are Coral Gables, Beggars Banquet, or Stillwater Grill.

    1. You might want to check with Kellogg Center - University owned and the site for hotel/hospitality education. The food has gone from OK to great, plus they have hotel rooms, too.
      I think you'd be happy there, if they're open.

      1. Claddagh, Clara's, Bordeaux, Cracker Barrell, Guerazzi's are all serving for Thanksgiving.