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Nov 13, 2012 01:42 AM

Compendium of Coleslaw Recipes and Regional Variations

It its most basic I suppose coleslaw is just shredded cabbage with dressing. But there seem to be so many variants that I've eaten over the years that are all slightly different (German, Korean, British, USA, Australian,...) .

Whats your favourite recipe? (include location)

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  1. I, too, have had many variations in different countries. My preference to date is Croatian coleslaw which is not all that different but features cabbage and onion with not a carrot in sight. Oil and cider vinaigrette. Here we make something similar but do include carrot and dill seed and a few juniper berries.

    1. I like any coleslaw that does not include mayonnaise. Two of my favorites are Lexington-style coleslaw (the second one on this page is the real deal):

      and this purported KC-style slaw:
      I make it without the bell pepper. It reminds me strongly of the NY deli Health Salads which were really just mayo-free slaws, anyhow. ( - about halfway down the page)

      1. Great thread. I LOVE slaw and look forward to reading the responses and ideas.

        I call this Asian but it's just a recipe I made up:
        very thin sliced, shredded cabbage+ or - carrot and celery. chopped scallion, cilantro, radish if you have it, sesame seeds, chopped peanuts dressed with rice vinegar, lime juice, a dab of sugar or honey, toasted sesame oil, a shot of fish sauce, salt and pepper, red pepper flake

        I probably make some kind of slaw at least once a week. I also love that cabbage keeps forever in the fridge. Even when I'm desperate to food shop, I can always make a slaw. And I love that changing the dressing, the add-ins, and/or how one cuts the cabbage complete changes the character of the dish.

        I had a slaw that tricked me at McClard's BBQ in Hot Springs, AR recently. It was finely ground which I am usually put off by, but this was fabulous. Perfectly balanced dressing. It had green pepper in it which I am also not usually a fan of, but because it was ground with all of the other veg the flavor was there without the weird texture it would normally take on.

        Does anyone know what the old tool is that grinds cabbage that way?

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          My mom made hers that way. She whirred it in the blender with a little water and then strained it

        2. I like both the German version of (often) red cabbage and/or white cabbage with simple vinaigrette, though I haven't made it.

          I would consider the version I make to be fairly broadly "American" -- 3 parts mayo (Duke's, of course) to 1 part vinegar (I like apple cider), salt & lots of black pepper. Shredded cabbage and shredded red onion.


          1. Love mayo-based cole-slaws. May be trashy, but anyone had a no-fail knockoff of KFC's? I've tried several supposed knockoffs, but no luck so far.

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              I use the one from Top Secret Recipes and make a few minor adjustments. When I worked at KFC years ago we used about 3 heads cabbage one onion and a couple carrots. Then added a giant bag of secret sauce. When I make the Top Secret version I usually have to adjust the sugar, vinegar and black pepper until it taste just right.