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Firm white fish

I am just learning how to cook fish. I am still in my "white fish only" phase. I do like tilapia. I do not like catfish, even though I live in the heart of East Texas. If a recipe calls for firm white fish, what are my options? Is tilapia considered a firm fish?

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  1. Cod or halibut - depending on your budget.

    1. Tilapia is firmer than sole, not as "meaty" as cod or halibut. It is less expensive than either of those two, as is Basa, also called Swai. I use them in thai curries a lot. Be sure not to over cook because they will fall apart faster than firmer fish. But they can breaded and sauteed, broiled, baked .

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          Thanks for the info, I had no idea. I have now read up on it. I prefer it to American catfish. I find it milder, also it has slightly less fat than the American species. (fish fat may be good for you, but limiting fat is something I try to do)

      1. Swordfish is a very meaty, and mild, fish. You might give that at ry.

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          I'm not sure swordfish is "mild" in the way that cod or halibt or even tilapia would be.

        2. black cod, chilean sea bass, albacore, ono, escolar (read about this first), striped bass.

          not quite white but I think you could handle it - mahi mahi

          1. Coley, pollock, cod, haddock, hake, halibut are the usual ones for "firm and white" to me.

            I go for the first two for preference as they are not only cheaper but are generally regarded as sustainable catches.

            1. Redfish, halibut and mahi mahi are my favorites. Tilapia, not so much.

              1. Monkfish, also called poor mans lobster. Very mild and sweet. Yummy.

                1. Haddock is a mild firm fish which I use often. I don't like Tilapia either it is dry.
                  Cod fish is also firm but it is quite flavorful and halibut mentionned can be quite expensive.

                  1. I would say that grouper is about the firmest fish you can get...also halibut.

                    1. Love mahi mahi. Another good chose is rockfish (or striper).

                      1. Do you live near a fresh fish market? I mean really fresh not fresh because the fish was frozen on a boat and "we've thawed it out and put it on ice for your viewing pleasure" type fish market. LOL

                        1. I'm so glad someone posted about this. I was thinking about it the other day. I live in a very landlocked state (WY) and have never eaten much fish unless we are vacationing along coastal areas. I would love to eat/cook more fish and I know the only way to learn is to just do it, but I still hesitate. All the fish/seafood I can buy at my local grocery store has been frozen & shipped. Some looks good but others look waterlogged. I could probably get better quality in Denver, but that is a 2 hour drive, so we don't do it very frequently. We are also very limited to what our stores carry, Tilapia,Cod, Catfish (yuck), Salmon, Trout & Tuna are about it. They won't order in anything special so I'm very limited. It's rather frustrating!