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Nov 12, 2012 09:11 PM

Not-staying-signed-in problem....

Annoying weirdness that crops up from time to time:

I click my CH bookmark (which opens to the most recent threads on all forums). Occasionally I forget to sign in, and just click on a thread. Then I notice I'm not signed in, click the back button, and sign in. When I then click on the thread I was looking at before signing in, hey presto, I'm again not signed in.

Second scenario, similar but different: I'm looking at a thread, and notice I'm not signed in. I sign in while still in the thread, then click the back button to get back to the "most recent threads", where I started. Again, become "unsigned-in".

What to do? Am I missing something obvious here? Current FF browser, BTW.

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  1. It's using the back button that makes it appear as if you're not signed in. Just refresh the page you backed up to, and you'll be good to go.

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