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Nov 12, 2012 08:22 PM

Oceanside burger throw down.

First off I am not a wanna be food writer so this will be short and sweet,

I am not a huge burger person but I do get cravings.

The three places I tried on recommendations were

Hosie's Pub (the most recommended BTW)
TY's Burger House (which I actually would thought was the weakest)
and ...The Red Rooster.

IMO Burger House won hands down on two occasions ...perfect medium rare and crispy fries.

Second was Red Rooster..Nice Char and again perfect medium rare .

Hosies well good was IMO over hyped and not worth the wait or price (and all these are made to order so timing should not be a factor)

and no I do not think any of these places advertise where the meat comes from so all you grass fed stubs (just made up that word) can save your breath. Look I love 38 day dry Aged Grass fed beef...I just don't hold everyone to that standard. Sometimes you just have to eat. (or live in the real world)

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    1. re: cstr

      I do not believe so I think the full name is 'Ty's Burger House"

      Also Pricing was close across the board Burger with Fries for around $9.99

      Also in my original post I meant to say "Thought would be the weakest" regarding the Ty's burger House proved the exact opposite.