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Nov 12, 2012 08:02 PM

Recommendations for where to buy duck breast in UES/Carnegie Hill/Yorkville

Hi everyone, I'm in need of a couple boneless duck breasts for Thanksgiving dinner. Any recommendations for where to get some? I was planning to check all the neighborhood butcher shops I know of (Schaller & Weber, Holland Court Meat Market, Lobel's, Citarella, Ottomanelli, Prime) but figured it might be more efficient to ask a knowledgeable group of chowhounds first.

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  1. There is a vendor at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket that sells beautiful, wonderful, excellent duck breasts (as well as other duck parts). I do not tell you this so you can schlep to Brooklyn from the UES, but because chances are that is not the only Greenmarket they sell at.

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      I think that's the Hudson Valley Duck Farm vendor, who is also at the Union Square greenmarket as well as the Saturday Tucker Square (Lincoln Center) greenmarket, so el Mitch need not go to Brooklyn (as you say). On the other hand, Citarella & Fairway also sell duck breasts.

    2. I like Dean & Deluca (on 85th and Madison) for birds -- I always talk to the butcher who will place a special order, ensuring pristine quality and reliable availability.

      1. I have purchased it from Agata and Valentina. Good quality but pricey. Fresh Direct has it available right now

        I have purchased it before and thought the meat was very good.

        1. Holland Court can definitely set you up with duck breasts... along with pheasant, quail and squab if you wanted.

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            Thanks everyone! I ended up ordering from Holland Court.