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Nov 12, 2012 07:11 PM

Thanksgiving restaurant suggestions needed: no turkey please!

I'm a upstate NY'er who is staying in DC with my partner over Thanksgiving and I need restaurant suggestions for places that are a) open on Thanksgiving Day; b) preferably not Chinese (a bit burned out on it of late) and c) NOT serving a "traditional" Thanksgiving meal of turkey and the sides. Budget is ~75/person: not a heavy drinker but maybe a glass of wine with dinner. I'm up for any type of cuisine, between casual and upscale: open and NOT TURKEY are the most important, here.


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  1. I think Rasika will be open-- definitely worth a visit.

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      This would be my recommendation. Amazing modern Indian cuisine. There are 2 locations--I prefer the West End location personally but both are wonderful.

    2. 701 is featuring a three course prix fixe menu at $48/person. Live jazz, valet parking. While there will be turkey as one of the choices, they are also offering Scottish Salmon, Braised Beef Short Ribs, Chestnut & Autumn Squash Ravioli, Suckling Pig, and Snapper. They have a fairly good wine list (and permit corkage if you want to bring something yourself.)

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