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Nov 12, 2012 07:07 PM

Cold Texas Sausage to Buy in Houston,TX

hi y'all!

I wanted to pick up some sausages to take back to my husband in San Francisco.

Usually on our visits back to Texas, we pick up a box of 25 cold sausage rings at Smittys in Lockhart. We didn't have time for the usual family tour, so sadly there will be no Smitty Sausage until next summer. I'm visiting my folks in Houston and was hoping to find a place to buy some sausages. If not a bbq joint, possibly some Texas-made sausages from a grocery store.

Any suggestions would be welcome as long as they are tasty! :) Thanks!!

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  1. Our local Texas grocery purveyor, HEB, does a really good job offering Texas-made products, including several well-known Texas sausage brands.

    Have you thought about just asking Smitty's to ship some sausage to San Francisco?

    1. B & W Meat Company
      4801 N Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX

      Killer jalapeno sausage!

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        Last time I asked Smitty's, they said they do not ship at all.
        I looked into shipping from Blacks, Lulling or Snows...but the prices were a bit hard to swallow after paying $35 for a box of 25 sausages at Smitty's.

        I'll have to check out the HEB for some sausages. Also, that B & W Meat Co. looks awesome!