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Nov 12, 2012 06:46 PM

Marin Sun Farms cafe in Point Reyes Station - one of the best meals I've had in a long time.

Apologies if there's already a posting on this - but didn't feel like sorting through all the posts about the brand rather than the cafe.

After a lovely walk down to the lighthouse, my friend and I stoped in to grab a bite. It's definitely gotten a little more formal since the last time I've been, with table service - but the food was incredible.

i had the goatburger with goat cheese, and my friend had the lamburger with lamb bacon (both with other accompaniments too) - both incredible and among the best burgers we've had.

fries are a la carte, but worth the $4, they are thin fries cooked in pork lard to deliciousness.

there's also a wide variety of veggies (we got the kale) lightly fried in pork lard that are perfectly crisped.

still very casual, with the expected ambience and service of the butcher shop that it is, but an absolutely amazing place to eat.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed your burgers. We stopped by at the end of September before noon on a Saturday. Had been eager to try some burgers. While the flavors were great, both the lamb burger and the beef burger were ordered medium and arrived well-done. Disappointingly dry. And the side of fries, while delicious, is disappointingly small for the price. I'll gladly purchase meat (and we did: chicken breasts and ground beef to grill on our brief escape to the Russian River) from them again, but will probably seek out other meal options.

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      i would never order meat that high-quality anything other than medium rare or rare - otherwise you're losing all the flavor. i believe that the fries were $4 and arrived in a medium sized cone - given that they're fresh-cut and organic, i don't think it's that bad of a deal. i also think there's been some sort of upgrade in the past few months

    2. I adore that lamb burger! I go to MSF every time I go to Point Reyes.

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        My husband and I went recently. Had an incredibly earthy duck soup that was great and the best brussel sprouts I've ever had- fried in lard. I don't care- totally worth 3 extra work outs.

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          From the menu in the link by the OP.
          beef burger :: 8oz grass-fed beef, house cured bacon, early girls, cave aged gruyere, organic
          greens, pickle 13
          lamb burger :: 8oz grass-fed lamb, manchego, chimichurri, organic greens, pickle 14
          Goat Burger :: 8oz grass-fed goat, chenel chevre, herbed shitake conserva, caramelized
          onions, organic mixed greens, pickle 14
          Black & Blue burger :: 8oz grass-fed beef, point reyes blue cheese, sweet red onions, rocket,
          organic greens, pickle 14

        2. Just tried their beef burger - really good. We ordered ours medium rare and it was on the rarer side. It came with a small side salad and some pickles, and cheese and bacon on top. I've heard you can ask for tomatoes. Looking forward to trying out their lamb and goat burgers next time.

          I thought the fries were a decent portion, though not as notable. The small crispiest ones were especially tasty though.

          1. Had a late lunch / early dinner of flank steak, lamb
            loin chop, and water buffalo NY strip. Butcher counter price plus $12 for fries and salad. All tasty though beef was past and lamb was short of ordered medium rare. Great lard-cooked fries. Lovely Sean Thackrey wines, delightful to sit outside, good service.