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Nov 12, 2012 06:46 PM

Has anyone ever used the Williams-Sonoma dry brine?

Has anyone ever used the Williams-Sonoma dry brine? I'm using it for the first time this year and need some advice...

I'm picking up my 28-30 lb fresh turkey on Monday night. The plan is to bring it to my grandmother's on Wednesday night so that she can get it into the oven for me first thing on Thanksgiving morning (I'm "hosting" at her house). The thing is I'd like the turkey ready to go on Wednesday night so that she doesn't have to fuss with rinsing it on Thursday that ok, or should the turkey really be rinsed right before going in the oven?

Also, should I start brining on Monday night (48+ hours) or wait until Tuesday night (24 hours)?

Thanks, hounds!

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  1. I don't rinse my dry brined turkey -- there is never anything to rinse off, as all the salt has dissolved and either absorbed into the turkey or dripped into the pan. I would season on Monday night -- turkeys are BIG! And the Zuni chicken method calls for 2 - 3 days for just a chicken. Also, take the plastic off on Wednesday morning to give the skin a good 24 hours to air dry, resulting in a beautiful crisp skin.