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Nov 12, 2012 06:35 PM

Asian Sweet Snacks

Hey! I just saw on Twitter that United Noodles now sells Green Tea and Vanilla Kit-Kats.

What are the best Japanese/Korean snacks out there? Anything I should try?

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  1. Pocky. I could eat a case of the almond kind.

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    1. re: splatgirl

      Almond Pocky is honestly amazing. Have you tried the Mint Pocky? It tastes like Girl Scout Thin Mints, only crispier.

      1. re: Mplsfoodie

        Curse you! I did NOT need to know about almond and mint Pocky.

        Me, I'm addicted to those sweet-and-spicy ginger candies from Indonesia (white package with a picture of ginger root).

    2. Many of these Japanese flavor variations are sold only regionally in Japan. It's part of the omiyage tradition whereby travelers bring home foods to share with their friends and colleagues. Most of these snacks (Kit Kats, mochi, etc) are small, inexpensive and beautifully wrapped.

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      1. re: WesAtRedBean

        Would this be like bringing some lutefisk to my chitlin eating in-laws in Alabama?

        1. re: ChancesR

          Haha, yes, a bit. There's just a bit more of a food gift-giving culture in Japan. Imagine if all the gift shops at U.S. airports sold small food regional items, instead of key chains, postcards and the like. That's pretty much the vibe.

          1. re: WesAtRedBean

            And yet Japan doesn't have the obesity problem we do, unless all those kit-kats are passed around, like we do with fruit cake.

            1. re: ChancesR

              Hah, indeed. Here's an interesting article about the general snacking culture in Japan. At the end, it gets to the whole "how to eat a lot without gaining weight" question.