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Nov 12, 2012 06:33 PM

Another Whole Foods location coming to Morris County

I was catching up on my reading as I have been out of the loop due to no power/internet for a week and low and behold I came across this info. Seems Whole Foods has signed a lease to take over the building that currently houses the A & P on Washington Street in Morristown. Don't hold you breath for it to be up and running for a while though, as apparently that will not occur until 2014.

I have to wonder though, since the building is rather small, perhaps the delay in opening the store (the article mentions a 2014/2015 time frame) means they will be expanding/enlarging the space prior to opening?

Have to say though, I will enjoy having a WF closer to my home, when ever it does open.

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  1. Interesting . . . I had heard this rumor, but the mayor would not confirm. The building is small - it would be like the WF in downtown Montclair.

    1. Oh No! My friends in that area affectionately refer to that store as the "smelly A&P". I wonder if it will be a smelly WF? ; )

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      1. re: Sloth

        That's a really good question. While I'm not certain that a layer of paint can seal in the old A&P's stench, I'm reasonably certain the new WF will smell just as good as the other locations- which, compared to most supermarkets, is flawless. I can't recall which supermarket it was, but WF Madison replaced a stinky old place and they smell perfectly fine.

      2. Wow, the Morristown area is really coming alive with new shopping opportunities in the coming years. You've got Wegmans in East Hanover (YES!), a new Shop Rite/Target (less hearty yes) in the township (Across from Walmart) and now Whole Foods. I don't shop at WF much, but anything is better than the smelly old A&P.

        1. This will be a tremendous improvement to that A&P although many of the local residents might not agree, once they see the prices. I did hear that the cleaners that is right next to the A&P will be going so they'll have a larger piece of property.

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          1. re: NA07950

            Have you shopped at the A&P lately? Sure, WF will have items that A&P doesn't offer, such as huge shrimp, specialty cheeses and aged beef, all of which will be very costly, but on the items that are comparable, the prices will be very similar. Anyone that checks prices isn't shopping at A&P.

            Not that the local residents are even buying that many groceries. 70% of A&P's business is alcohol. When you start comparing alcohol pricing, WF is pretty competitive.

            If WF replaced a Shop Rite, then I think you'd find a lot of sticker shock, but your average A&P shopper either tends to be either poor or rich, and neither demographic tends to be smart shoppers.

          2. The construction fence is down, the parking lot is paved and landscaped. I'd say opening must be imminent now.

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            1. re: bropaul

              April 22nd, per their FB page last week.