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Nov 12, 2012 06:15 PM

Munich - Open on Sundays?

Hi Europe Chowhounders-

My wife are excited to be heading to Munich in a couple of weeks. I'm still working my way through posts here, but have a specific question -

I know many European cities shut down on Sundays, and am looking for suggestions for great places to eat in Munich that are OPEN on Sunday. We'd like to plan these first, since we'll have more flexibility on other days (when presumably most places will be open).

Our preference is for food we can't get easily elsewhere -- i.e., local specialties or neighborhood places; open to any pricepoint but prefer local to fancy. Needs to be reasonably transit accessible.

Thanks in advance for any great ideas!


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  1. Most of the beer halls, whether large or small, will be open on Sundays. Recommended by many here, including myself, is Der Pschorr at the edge of the Victualienmarkt. Traditional food in a slightly more modern style, with high quality ingredients. Sunday evening it will actually be easier to get into many places than during the week, we find.

    1. Supermarkets, department stores etc. are closed on Sundays, but restaurants will be open.

      In case you are coming in December to Munich, you will find many Christmas Markets in town, where food is - also on Sundays - easily available.