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Nov 12, 2012 06:06 PM

Late night dessert

Hi fellow chows! I have an confession to make: I like simple, old school desserts. I love a foodie dinner, but several times I've skipped the dessert menu to make a run by Bob's for some doughnut dessert instead. That being said, any good suggestions for some late night/after our dinner reservations place for a comfort, throwback dessert? Think ice cream, doughnuts, milkshakes, baked goods (cupcakes, cookies, cake), etc. Please keep the suggestions to places in San Francisco (any neighborhood), places open after 10, and bonus points for easy parking. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Excellent topic.

    Last time I checked, Wings Wings on Haight had desserts from the Creme Brulee cart.

    Not sure if it's your bag, but there's lot of Asian dessert places in the Sunset or the Richmond that are open late. Fluffy Snow on Noriega and Purple Kow on Balboa are two that come to mind, but there are several.

    1. it's a little fusion-y, but NOPA is open until 1am and has a few traditional dessert (usually have milk and cookies, some other cakes, ice creams, etc.)

      1. Thanks hyperbowler and vulber! My tastes are low bor enough to skip the Asian dessert, but Wing Wings and Nopa sound good. Any other suggestions? I'd even do a good pie.

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          Gotcha--- it sounds like you're looking for places that have somewhat of a "homemade" feel.

          The price might be reminiscent of a scene from Pulp Fiction with hyper-inflation, but the Butterscotch and the Pistachio milkshakes at Ice Cream Bar in Cole Valley have no rival. There's plenty of weirder stuff on their menu, but don't let that scare you off of the good stuff. Also, the scoops of ice cream aren't noteworthy, but they have creative sundaes, and in the summer, a very good strawberry shortcake. They're open till 11PM on Fri & Sat.

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            pig and pie in the mission is open until 1am and has delicious pies

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              Have you been to Pig & Pie after the kitchen shake-up?

          2. I will often drive miles out of my way to Tart to Tart on Irving for their chocolate pecan tart...

            Open 'till 1:00 a.m., baby!

            1. what about Cafe Jacqueline for the souffles ?