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Nov 12, 2012 05:51 PM

ISO Newton weekend lunch (or early dinner) for a finicky crew?

I am in the throes of a dining dilemma! The Swankettes and I are going on our annual ladies' spa outing this weekend, followed or preceded by a meal out. We'll be in Newton. One Swankette has pronounced the fare at 51 Lincoln "too rich." Another Swankette has vetoed the Regal Beagle. I suggested the Biltmore, but it's a bit pubbish and ho-hummish. Any other ideas? One of us is gluten-intolerant and a vegetarian, while another is allergic to Indian food (and has an aversion to spicy food in general).
Please advise!

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  1. If you get there early enough, I 'd put The Abbey on your list. Cozy atmosphere with great food, and they have a separate menu that lists their gluten free offerings.

    1. I recommend Center Cafe in Needham (honestly, not too far from the Newton/Needham line), housed in the old train station.

      1. How about B Street in Newton Center? Seems like they potentially have something for everyone in your crowd. Haven't been, but read a few positive things on the boards.....

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          Farm Table(?) on Union is really nice for vegetarians as well as for carnivores (it might be called Farm Stead I'm awful with names). the food is fresh and excellent and the folks who run it are very pleasant. Check their menu and see if it works for you. we had our ladie's lunch their last week and everyone seemed happy including my celiac friend.