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Nov 12, 2012 05:43 PM

Devils on Horseback ingredients

Greetings All!

Looking to branch out a bit for this year's Thanksgiving hors d'oeuvre wise, and am searching for ingredients for Devils on Horseback.

Never tried them before, but an old Two Fat Ladies show inspired us.

We have some smoked bacon from Oscar's in Warrensburg NY. to wrap. Most recipes we've seen involve Blue Cheese, Dates, maybe whole roasted almonds?

Any idea where we can find ingredients west of Boston (Concord/Waltham/Arlington) to complete the picture?
Are Dates available at local markets? Market Basket perhaps?



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  1. Any or all of the markets in Watertown will have dates. Massis, Sevan, etc. Fastachi can provide the almonds.

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      At one point, Arax had fresh dates still on the stick - not sure if they are still in stock or would be preferred for cooking.

    2. Dates can be had nearly anywhere... Trader Joes has several good varieties. I'm sure Market Basket, Shaws, etc will all have them.

      Blue cheese... again, anywhere; the pre-crumbled stuff will make it easier. I've had devils on horseback stuffed with cream cheese, blue cheese, almonds, chutney, marmalade, etc... I like blue cheese myself!

      1. An almond in a date, wrapped in bacon is the way I like them. They can be frozen before cooking and then microwaved, so large amounts are not a problem!