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Nov 12, 2012 05:32 PM

Yard House

Probably too late to get a response. Friends in town (Honolulu) and they are just dying to go to the Yard House tonight (in about 2 hours.)

They want to find out if it is the same as the one about a mile from where they live. Go figure.

Any comments on 'must try the ________' or 'don't eat the ________"

[I have nothing against chains, I just don't know why you would spend 5 hours on a plane, fly halfway across an ocean, then try a restaurant that you can eat at any day of the year at when at home.]

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  1. I am chuckling at this... I'd bet ya $5 that is is :)

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    1. re: iluvcookies

      since they love it so much, maybe they will be able to tell me what to order.

      1. re: KaimukiMan

        They have a lot of beer.... Oh, and did I mention that they have a lot of beer?

    2. Yard House is a chaiin, it's the same. I'd avoid. Take them to a local watering hole that serves great chow instead.

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      1. re: treb

        I wish treb, with these three it's not an option. they don't like ANY ethnic food, not even run of the mlll Chinese (tried that two years ago), they don't like seafood, and said Hawaiian food looks 'gross'. They pretty much only eat at chains where they know the food is going to be good. Not sure I understand their definition of good. I think that means what they always eat.

        And obviously I need to adjust my attitude before going to meet them for our meal.

      2. The food isn't terrible for a chain, it can be pricey though. My boyfriend and I like to go during happy hour where drinks & appetizers are half off. Sometimes we even order all appetizers to share as a meal. Their chicken nachos and onion stack is pretty good. As for meals, I've only had their mac & cheese with truffle oil, it's pretty tasty. Hope you find something good!

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        1. re: rozem

          Thanks rozem. Kinda what I figured. I was thinking probably a burger, haven't been a mac&cheese fan since a bad episode with it once a long time ago. I will report back (assuming I survive both the food and my friend's friends...LOL)

          1. re: KaimukiMan

            After your 3rd IPA, all the food will taste the same. The fries with truffle oil aren't too bad, they can be kind of addictive actually. Try to have fun though.

            1. re: iluvcookies

              as i must drive thru waikiki (heavy HPD presence) there will be a maximum of one half-yard IPA, i will endeavor to have fun despite this limitation. thanks iluv!

            2. re: KaimukiMan

              I've had a burger there and it was good, nothing mind-blowing or anything like that, but solid enough. It was on my second visit. For the details of my first visit, you can read my Yelp review here:

              When they built a YardHouse in my former stomping grounds, Fresno CA, it resulted in 2 hour waits for dinner on a Saturday night. People in areas like that LOVE any kind of new chain restaurant. Sad really, considering there were local chains and individual places nearby that also had great beer and burgers.

          2. Although I left before I read juliejuelz posting, I did decide to play it safe and get a burger, the gorgonzola burger, pepper crusted with gorgonzola and spinach. Living dangerously I got the sweet potato fries for a dollar extra, in spite of several people on yelp saying not to. They were right. The burger was quite acceptable, even considering the $12 price, but the fries (for a dollar extra) were a disappointment. Limp and soggy, no flavor, compared very unfavorably to a couple of local places and even compared to the sweet potato fries offered by burger king this past summer.

            My friend got a 'Hawaiian Pizza", and after eating half she offered me a piece. I took two bites when she said to me "it's not very good is it?" She was right. It- like my fries- was limp, and more or less tasteless. Perhaps the overabundance of pineapple simply obscured whatever other flavors might have been there.

            The friend's friends got a french dip, a large salad of some kind, and fresh fish. The french dip was more than decent but not outstanding, the salad was very nice, although drowning in dressing, and Yard House did a very credible job on the fish - macadamia crusted opah.

            I ordered a Kona Longboard beer, which they were out of but brought me something from Maui which was good. Someone else had a pale ale which was also good. All in all I would have been better off at The Counter for my burger and fries, but if I have to go to Yardhouse again it won't be the end of the world. The wait wasn't too long, our server was pleasant and prompt, and while noisy, the atmosphere was nice.

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            1. re: KaimukiMan

              I think the "safest" choice is always the basic burger at most chain restaurants (assuming it's an option on the menu).

              1. re: ipsedixit

                Agree, keep it simple, cook it med rare and even an average burger may pass muster ard!

            2. Been to a couple locations near Boston, and although much of it is overpriced, the food is consistently good. Burgers are cooked as ordered and are pretty tasty. They have a few poke options on the appetizer (or snack) menus, which are well priced and are very good.

              And the beer selection is extremely good.

              Yes it's a chain, but it's no Olive Garden or Applebees.

              It doesn't have a 2 hour wait because everyone there is afraid of independent restaurants.