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Nov 12, 2012 04:20 PM

Fab Hot Dogs Opening 2 New Locations

Joe is opening a Fab in Valencia in Feb 2013. There has been a sign up about it near the counter.

I ate at Fab on Friday night and Joe told me he is opening a 3rd one in Westwood Village, near UCLA, as well.

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  1. So...speak to us of the Ripper, please? Sounds interesting.

    FWIW, I work in Warner Center and usually M-F drive by the location to and from work. Just haven't been in for hot dogs since before the space changed owners.

    What do you suggest as First Dog to try?


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    1. re: CatHairCondiment

      I, personally, have never tried the Ripper. My go to is the breakfast dog. It is a bacon wrapped dog with a fried egg on top. It comes with mayo or salsa. I always get mayo and a little bit of sriacha. Sometimes I splurge and get green hatch chilies on it. It costs extra, but so worth it.

      My mom really likes the Coney. Chili, cheese, mustard and I think onions.

      Their burgers are pretty good, too.

      Honestly, I like 99% of the things I have tried there. The 1% is the Lincoln Dog. Cream cheese on hot dog just doesn't work for me.

      And I love, love, love the tots. I have taken to ordering them with no salt because the last few times they seemed to too salty to me,. Now they are perfect.

      1. re: Jelly71

        A ripper is a dog that is deep-fried, so the outside gets a bit crispy and the casing explodes and splits, opening some of the inside to the oil as well. Thus, a ripper.

        Where exactly in Westwood Village? And when?

        Called Fab's. Westwood Village, yes. Expected in March. Girl who answered the phone said "next to Diddy Riese." This is surprising since next to Diddy Riese is Socko's Subs, which has been there for awhile (a lot longer than I expected) and on the other side a very long-lived noodle place and a hookah cafe which also have been there forever.

        1. re: Jelly71

          Thanks! Think I'm going to try a ripper first, and the Coney 2nd. To taste test the chili :)
          Then get adventurous...hmmm...Lincoln dog just seems an odd combo, but I'm willing to try it, eventually.

          Thanks for the salt warning re: Tots.

          1. re: CatHairCondiment

            I guess hard work pays off. Did anyone notice they are selling bulk dogs, polish dogs, condiments and buns now? Who would have thought a hot dog stand would do that?

            1. re: SIMIHOUND

              Thanks for this heads up. Did not know they were selling bulk rolls and dogs. I am tired of only being able to buy the small HD rolls the markets have, and now an alternative. I love Fab's mild Polish with Gulden's and white kraut. FYI, Joe uses the same purveyor that TWF used.

        2. re: CatHairCondiment

          I like their LA Street dog. Tater tots on the side, with the curry ketchup. :)

          1. re: CatHairCondiment

            The Ripper is a New Jersey invention and yes, it's deep fried. That's only part of the equation, as a special "frying dog" should be used. You won't get the same results with a natural casing dog.

            1. re: JeMange

              Does anyone really like the chili? I can't say I do.

              1. re: SIMIHOUND

                Fab's CCD is terrible when stock.

            2. re: CatHairCondiment

              I like the simplicity of their red onion sauce on a natural casing dog ( the _sauce_ is red, with simmerd diced onions); much like the 'dirty water dogs' in the carts in NYC. I also like their mustardy carrot relish (from the Ripper) on a simple natural casing dog. All washed down with Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray soda in a glass bottle...

            3. According to today, Fab's is going into Socko's Subs location, which is indeed next door to the north of Diddy Riese.

              Now if Fab's would only match Diddy Riese's old price for a large dog and a soda, which i believe was $1.25. They discontinued the hot dogs a couple years ago, and replaced them with shaved ice.

              1. I work in Westwood, just a stone's throw from where Fab Hot Dogs will open, at the corner of Le Conte and Broxton. Gee, as if Westwood couldn't get better. Now we have:

                800 Degrees Pizza, In-N-Out, Five Guys Burgers (for those who care for them), Fatburger...


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                1. re: EarlyBird

                  And don't forget Chick-fil-A coming in the old Burger King location.

                  1. re: wienermobile

                    Wow! I was wondering what was going in there. Holy smokes, kiss my diet goodbye. I have only had one sandwich from Chick-Fil-A, and some how it really was very good.