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Nov 12, 2012 04:16 PM

Fresh Turkeys?

Need some help,, im looking for a fresh turkey,, not from market basket or shaws,, prefer a butcher shop maybe,, anyone know of a place in medford, everett , saugus ,peabody or revere area that i can get one?.i dont want to go to boston if i can help it..thk you

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  1. I buy my turkey at Wilson Farms, Lexington. Reliably good. They have been very chilled, but not frozen. You can order your turkey by calling them.

    One year we got our turkey at Mayflower, but weren't as pleased with that one. Again, you need to order in advance.

    1. Seven acres poultry farm in North Reading has fresh turkeys. You can also preorder at Butcher Boy in North Andover. Butcher Boy us nice because they can go as small as 10 lbs if you have a smaller family.

      1. City Feed and Supply in Jamaica Plain is bringing in turkeys from Misty Knoll Farm in Vermont and are taking pre-orders now.

        1. I Ordered a fresh bird from bobs in medford..first time trying there turkeys, i get sub's and meats from them there good ,,, so im hoping there fresh birds are good as well..anyone have there turkeys before,,??.and thks for all the post..apprc it...

          1. Mayflower's (Cambridge) are fresh