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Nov 12, 2012 04:00 PM

Lers Ros Missfire [San Francisco]

My wife and I have enjoyed ordering delivery from Lers Ros in the past - we've come to expect something beyond run of the mill thai food - bright vibrant flavors, non-standard vegetables, and plenty of spice, flavor and acidity.

On Sunday we did take out and the food was nothing but pedestrian - it could have been thai food anywhere. I felt like the online menu was shorter and less interesting then in the past - but it's been a while since we've ordered Lers Ros.

Did we missorder or have their been changes at Lers Ros? Are you cursed if you order pad thai?

Our order:

Pad Thai
Pra Ram Nuer - Sliced beef with spinach, served with peanut sauce
Tom Juerd Pla Muk Yuud Sai - Stuffed calamari with pork in house special broth
Kai Yang - Marinated barbequed chicken, served with sweet and sour sauce
Sticky rice with mango desert

Also, have the prices gone up 20-30%?

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  1. Prices are 20-30% higher at the Hayes Valley location. Were you ordering from Larkin?

    I haven't noticed any change in quality. My good-old standby, the green curry, is as good as always.

    1. Did you accidentally order from the Hayes branch? That menu is shorter and some dishes are a little more expensive.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Yes, I think this must be it. I'll be more careful in the future.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          I clicked through at least 8 different categories and couldn't find one difference in the prices. And in some cases, the offerings were greater for the Hayes location. The beef category, for instance.

          1. re: Spenbald

            In some Asian cuisines -- Chinese in particular, but maybe true of Thai -- the beef to pork ratio is a clue to the authenticity or lack of same of the menu. Restaurants in the US which pitch to non-Chinese, for example, tend to have a plenitude of beef dishes, whereas in China (outside of Islamic Chinese areas) you'll typically find only a token beef dish or two on most menus. Maybe Hayes is profiling its customers as beef eaters.

            1. re: Spenbald

              That's a change. I wonder if the online menus reflect the actual prices? Doesn't make a whole lot of sense that the low-rent original location should charge as much as Hayes.

              1. re: Spenbald

                The last time I visited the TBone location the prices were the same as HV overall. They have revamped that location too which must be some of the reason why.

                1. re: rubadubgdub

                  I've recently eaten at both locations and yes, the Larkin location has been updated. Same menu as before, which is a different format than the Hayes location even if the contents are mostly identical. Not as nice as the Hayes location, but spiffed up.

                  I liked my meal at the Larkin location better, but most of the blame is on me for ordering badly at Hayes. I had the papaya salad with raw crab which was weird in a not so pleasant way, and we had the Pra Ram Nuer which was somehow lacking. But I was left wondering if the kitchen is better at the original location.

                  1. re: BernalKC

                    The last few times we have eaten at Lers Ros (both locations) have been hit or miss. We love good thai food and always look forward to eating here but sometimes we leave disappointed. Our last meal there (i forget the location) the place was packed so they are doing well. We got this fried rabbit special that was very dry and came with a very sweet sauce. Pad thai at the other location on a previous visit was bland. But other dishes were stellar.