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Nov 12, 2012 03:57 PM

Visiting Texas-- what beer to try?

We are going to be in San Antonio, Austin and Houston. It would be fun to taste beer that is locally made-- any recommendations?

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  1. Pale Ale from the Real Ale Brewery, if served not cold.

    1. In San Antonio, I would be on the lookout for beers from Freetail Brewing - draft only except for special release bottles.

      Austin has a number of good breweries, but I would make sure to try beers from Jester King. Bottles and draft available. Also, Live Oak, particularly their hefeweizen. Draft only.

      Houston has Karbach. Cans and draft. And Saint Arnold, probably the easiest to find (draft and bottles) but not my favorite, though some of their beers are very good.

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        I'm not real high on the other Shiner beers I've tried so far, but their Holiday Cheer is an interestingly different and pretty good take on a seasonal beer. The brewery is just outside of San Antonio so it should be easy to find around there.

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          St. Arnold's Elissa IPA is a really good balanced IPA.

        2. A huge vote for Shiner and whatever the Real Ale brewery in Blanco is doing.

          1. Uh, while Shiner from the Spoetzl Brewing Co. was once a small, local Texas beer, it is owned by Gambrinus (a company that made it's money primarily as one of the 2 US importers of Corona) and is distributed in most of the US - only HI, OR, ID, NY and the New England states currently don't get the Shiner beers.

            1. If not too late, check out the Pecan Porter from (512). St. Arnolds Divine Reserve series are usually good as well.

              The Petrol Station in Houston was kind of off the beaten path but had a fantastic beer selection, really knowledgeable and friendly bartenders and an excellent pastrami sandwich. I had read recommendations for the burgers there (lamb, I think) but it was an hour wait for burgers when I was there.

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                I'm going to have to look for Petrol Station. We love Houston and pastrami is one of my favorites!