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Nov 12, 2012 03:32 PM

Looking for Thanksgiving Catering in LA Area!

I'm looking for a good Thankgiving catering company in or near LA. I don't need full-service, but am looking for a pre-order, pick-up and go option, where I can reheat at home. I've heard of Julienne in San Marino, but don't know how good they are. Any recommendations would be really appreciated! Need a little extra help this Thanksgiving!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. A lot of places offer that....many everything but the turkey. Did you want to include the bird?

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      I don't need the turkey--just the sides. I've looked into The Kitchen for Exploring Food and Julienne and both look good. Thanks!

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        Joan's is always a good option! Thanks!

      2. Also Clementine's......and Josie. Both on the west side.

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          Thanks! Any recommendations for east side? Near The Grove/Farmer's Mkt, Hollywood, Larchmont Village, Los Feliz, Silver Lake?

        2. This is something that the grocery stores do pretty well and economically. Obviously your results might vary by the local store. You've got a week -- if you don't trust your local Ralph's or Pavilions/Vons, try Bristol Farms or Gelson's. Stop by their hot counter in the next couple days, tell them what you are considering, and I'm sure they might offer tastes so you can sample.

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            I've tasted quite a few of Gelson's offering. They're all really very good.