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Nov 12, 2012 03:17 PM

Are you having difficulty finding anything?

I'm looking for lumpfish caviar. The black, cheap stuff to make caviar pie.
Where can I find it??? TJ's has a 1oz can of inferior brand for $20. Don't think even the cheap stuff is low cost anymore but it that's what we want we usually ignore the price for that one item.

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  1. Hi, P! I'll be headed to Harvest Ranch Market in EC this week. I'll check for it there, and let you know.

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    1. re: phee

      Thanks, Phee. Never thought of BevMo but they have most everything else and a bag of chips. I haven't seen any at Sprouts or Whole Foods. I wouldn't use sevruga for pie either. And thanks all. I'm watching the board.

    2. Try Costco, they usually have it this time of year

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      1. re: RhonelyInsanediego

        Costco carries segruva, you get 2 oz. for $69.00, I wouldn't use this to make a pie. TJ's stuff is totally opposite the quality. I've seen lumpfish at most super markets like Vons, Ralphs etc. Also, check PL Seafoods.

        1. I have recently seen two different brands for under $8 a jar at a Shop Rite market.

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          1. re: FrankJBN

            Frank, where is a Shop Rite in SD? Thanks

          2. As to your subject question, I can't find lapsang souchong tea at supermarkets anymore.

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                to Frank re lapsang, you might try the 99 Ranch Mkt or some of the smaller Asian mkts of Convoy.