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Nov 12, 2012 03:14 PM

Your Thanksgiving Stuffing--What type of bread do you use?

Just wondering what type of bread everyone uses.

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  1. White bread. I make the same stuffing my mother learned to make and it involves loaves of fresh, not stale, white wonder bread hand torn.

    1. I make a loaf of white bread about 2 days ahead of time so it can stale a bit before I use it in the stuffing.

        1. re: dave_c

          Corn Bread here too...and two or three biscuits.

          1. re: Uncle Bob

            Homemade stale corn bread, here, too--and a handful or 2 of Fritos. Don't laugh, it's good.

        2. Mostly cornbread, a few biscuits or other to go with. My mom would use leftover heels of store bought white bread or a hamburger/hotdog bun or two.

          I do not care for dressing with much light bread.

          1. French country loaf. I like a nice chew and big holes to soak up stock.