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Nov 12, 2012 03:01 PM

In search of...

Meat and or fruit/cheese filled empanadas in/near Pomona/Chino area, the Covinas, East SGV, or IE. I already know about Portos, all of them and Driving to East Valley or ELA or Glendale not always an option.

Maybe a Mexican/Latino bakery that might make them. Those of you who have had empanadas know what I'm talking about.

Looking forward to fruitful replies.

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  1. Tito's in El Monte, it is famous for sandwiches but they have a good meat empanada if I remember correctly

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      1. re: Ollie

        It's a market... a few supplies, meat counter, soda case, deli, and great empanadas. I'd definitely give it a shot. The only knock I have with them is it seems like they raise their prices every couple of months.

    1. Come on hounds, one reply in 4 days? A little help please.

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          I think because the title of thread does not clearly state what you are looking for, people aren't clicking on it. I know I didn't want to. I hate being"forced" to decide if I want to read a thread. It's possible someone with extensive empanada knowledge just isn't clicking this thread because they don't know what it is about. My two cents.

        2. Rika's Empanada's
          150 S. Grand Ave, Glendora, Ca. 91741

          Dommy and I went. They were interesting and Tasty.

          1. Thanks hounds, that's what I'm talking about! Keep em coming!

            1. Baja Ranch Market in Monrovia have both the meat and cheese/fruit ones. They are good. I am currently in love with their Cuban black beans & rice and their Chile Colorado!