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Nov 12, 2012 02:45 PM

Rancho Gordo beans

Anybody here use them? Do you think they are worth the price?

I've got a pot of cheap ass grocery store (Ingles/ Laura Lynn) pinto beans cooking and I'm not pleased with the way they look.

I'm as frugal as they come but crap is not a bargain at any price.

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  1. Definitely worth the price. Great quality.

    1. Hi Kengk,
      I'm really frugal too but I LOVE the Vallarta beans from RG:

      I have even mail-ordered them and paid shipping costs, which is a big deal for me. They are that good.

      1. And they stand by their beans. 100%, every bean perfect in the bag or they send a free replacement bag. Their popcorn seeds are fab too!

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        1. re: HillJ

          I like their pinquitos beans and it's the only place I can get them. It's the only place that I can find them so they are worth it to me. I haven't tried any other bean though.

        2. Absolutely the best beans! For years I wondered why my bean soaking and cooking was so hit and miss - reason was inconsistent, old, past their prime by many years beans from a shelf in a store. RG beans are always perfect and the flavors are rich and delicious. I highly rec RG beans!

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          1. re: ElsieB

            I often buy beans from the bulk bin at Winco (which learned by talking to an employee turn over every two days like all store items or stop selling it - so fresh from their supplier). Never have had any problems. The small red beans I made chili last week with were $0.92 cents a pound. Bean results are similar to Dennison's, Nalley and other canned chili.

            DIRECTIONS: Check beans for rocks (once in a while find one) then soak in plain water overnight. Change water next morning. Then bring to a boil then turn down to simmer and cook until desired texture - about 3 hours is my typical. Where I like some of the beans to start to fall apart where others are still whole for varied texture. But you can make them harder by cooking less or softer by cooking longer. Eat a few beans once in a while as to test if done. Remove from heat and drain when are how you want them. Then add to any desired recipe.

          2. I love RG beans and I order them periodically. But for 4 of us, they're too pricey to be my main beans. I make at least a pound of beans every week, often twice that.

            I buy pintos in 10 pound bags from a hispanic market where there is high turnover and, honestly, I have never felt they are crappy.