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Nov 12, 2012 02:30 PM

Is it only me.....

....that finds fast food restaurants are pricing themselves out of the market?
Whenever I travel I try not too eat at the places we have at home. Case in point. We haven't got a SmashBurger yet so I thought I would try it for lunch on Rememberance Day. I ordered a Calgary Burger and fries and including GST it was $9.95. I didn't have a beverage. The couple ahead of me ordered 2 burgers, fries and drinks and it came to just under $30.00. I decided to try Nathan's Hot Dogs one day a while ago and again I was the better part of $10.00 without a drink.
Now here is my problem. There are a lot of restaurants that have a lunch menu and you can get a full entrée for under $10. There are full Chinese buffets that are not very far over $10.
I realize the convenience factor was there. I had no complaints on the fast delivery to my table and the quality was there. I just can't get my mind around why I wouldn't go to a sit down restaurant for possibly less than a fast food joint. Am I the only one?
Dean in Red Deer, AB

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  1. Carl, I agree. The but is but those places act like they're selling a gourmet product and charge like it is, when in reality Smashburger is well, just a burger and friies, no big deal really, no great effort or expertise to prepare and sell. My latest complaint is Olive chicken, a takeout/squat n' gobble that recently raised the small chicken order from $8.50 to $11.50, making me think twice about going there solely because of their greed. Confession: I really like McDonalds fries when they are fresh and not overly salted, they are as good as a lot of Belgian frites I was recently filling my gob with, and I can match that with certain of their burgers/sandwiches - not all - and the price doesn't make me feel like I've been ripped off.

    1. You are so right..we can go to a pub & get great wings or ribs & a beer for less then we can eat at Mcs.... Our local fish & chip place raised the price from $8.00 to $11. I'll wait for a coupon before I'll go back!!

      1. its just you....just kidding...but really, at a sit downer you have to factor in tip as well. fast, efficient with quality ingredients are things i appreciate. i am glad that the standard for tasty product using better than what has been the norm ingredients is starting to make its way into the marketplace. real butter, name brand toppings, real cheeses, as many toppings....fresh never frozen angus beef-meat that tastes like meat with spices and flavour...i don't want my restaurant buying the cheapest ingredients to pass the savings along to the customer-chicken that isn't water pumped