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Nov 12, 2012 01:32 PM

"Suicide food" restaurant signage in Greater Boston?

The premise is a restaurant sign featuring a cartoon of an animal that the restaurant serves in some form, often in ways that suggest it is cooking and/or eating its own species, or loves the idea that it is about to become someone else's dinner. My examples so far:

Little Q Hotpot in Arlington, and sibling Q Restaurant in Chinatown. Adorable lil' cartoon lamb in a bowtie.

Xinh Xinh, Chinatown. Exterior pho sign features a cartoon cow licking its chops.

Hot Pot Buffet, Chinatown. Cartoon cow licking its chops and giving the thumbs-up sign with a white-gloved "hand".

Pollo DoreƱo, East Boston. Cartoon rooster in a Stetson and neck bandana, holding a fried chicken leg with a big bite taken out of it.

Red-Eyed Pig (BBQ), W. Roxbury. Demonic pig.

Strip-T's. Maybe doesn't quite belong, as its logo is an anthropomorphic dancing strip steak on a bun.

Sweet Cheeks Q. Also a stretch, an abstraction: the tail of the letter Q is a curly pig's tail.

I like the food at all of these (but can't speak for the Salvadoran fried chicken joint, which I have yet to try).

I expected more of our local BBQ joints to do something along these lines, but many of the usual suspects don't. Redbones has a cartoon pig (in a suit, fedora and shades), but it's not on the signage.

Anyone seen a cartoon lobster in a lobster bib? A chicken about to tuck into some eggs? Any others?

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  1. while I cannot recomend the food, as it's not very good, and isn't BBQ, but BBQ Town in Roslindale has a pig on it's sign if memory serves me right. They are currently closed for renovations, but as I said, the food's not really worth it

      1. re: Allstonian

        I remember Fontaine's fondly. It never quite occurred to me over the many years I drove by that sign, but it appears to be waving not at people (as I carelessly assumed), but waving people in to join it in the chicken massacre that it is overseeing in its jaunty apron. And it was pretty good chicken, too, in the broasted style, if memory serves.

      2. I dont think anyplace can beat the now defunct Fontaines.

        1. The Legal's fish is way too happy for its own good:

          (do I call it Legals? Legal's? I'm new to the make-every-restaurant-possessive thing)

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          1. re: emannths

            That's a great one. Aside from being locally famous, it's right on the plate, a dinner knife in its face, ready to be served. (Also, the fish has eyebrows.)

            Everyone says "Legal's", as if it's owned by some guy named Sheldon Legal, but you can be a pedant like me on the apostrophe thing and call it "Legal". And the Boston Common. And the Public Garden.


            1. re: MC Slim JB

              I used to bristle at it (the possessive), but I've decided that if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Legal's, Dunk's, and Trattoria Toscana's it is!

              ...god that last one feels like I just crashed my car into a tree or something ;-)

          2. Now that I think of it, the placemats at Summer Shack feature (or used to feature) a procession of various strutting foodstuffs such as lobster, corn, onion under a "Food Is Love" banner. There seems to be a mural of the same on a wall in the Dalton St location.