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Nov 12, 2012 11:16 AM

Passover 2013

I am looking for a Passover program within a two hour driving distance from Washington, DC. I appreciate any suggestions.

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  1. a few years ago i went to Cambridge, MD, i think it was the Hyatt resort. very nice; food was excellent (but i dont remember who the caterer was), the hotel was amazing. all around very nice.

    1. We have really enjoyed Matza Fun tours at the Ocean Place resort in Long Branch, NJ at the Jersey Shore. I think that it may be about a 2 hour drive from dc, maybe a little more. The program is really worthwhile. The food is exceptional and never ending. The programming is very good as well. I hardly saw my teen aged boy except for meals, and knew he was safe with a really nice group of teens at supervised activities . The lectures are interesting as well. I enjoyed the nightly entertainment.

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          Mauzone does the food at Ocean Place . They do a very good job. The dinners are excellent from veal to duck to rib steaks to prime rib to sweetbreads at kiddush. The food is never ending and delicious. The "bread" at breakfast ,lunch and served with hot dogs and sloppy joes is unbelievable.

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            Where is the program at Ocean Place? Do you have a link? thanks

      1. I think the caterer at the Cambridge program was Hoffman. It was a great program but I don't think they are running it anymore. At least I have not seen any ads for it

        1. The original comment has been removed