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Nov 12, 2012 11:08 AM

Restaurants in/around Belleville?

Looking for recos, lunch or dinner, any kind or price. Thanks...

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  1. This has fast become one of our favorite areas. Of course there are classic Le Baratin and Melon Chapeau but also excellent newcomers Chatomat and Roseval a half dozen blocks south, and crossing the border into the 10th look for Le Galopin, Philou, Youpi et Voilla and quirky, tiny La TĂȘte dans les Olives.

    I personally like hole-in-the-wall Raviolis Chinois Nord Est a block and a half from the Belleville metro on rue Civiale for an almost free dumpling lunch.

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      Well in addition there's the Petit Cheval de Menage but must say Mangeur/Margaret my meal at Youpi et Voila [sic] was pathetic.

      1. re: John Talbott

        Our dinner at Y et V did not measure up to the very positive reviews that took us there (Phyllis Flick and kind words from Pti), but the food was very good. Service was a bit glitchy, but nothing that got in our way of enjoying the evening. Y et V has had mixed reviews since our visit, but I would go back.

        John, I just reread your review and see that of your party of three, only you were unhappy with your choice/s. As you wrote, "Madame's fish was not 1/2-bad, however; indeed they both loved their dishes." And I looked up my notes and found a shot of my lovely bloody pigeon.

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          Pigeon served to me at Youpi et Voila (And I have to admit that I adore polenta in almost any form!) :

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            It's unfair but often one person's (even my) opinion overules the general impression.

      2. it's about a 15 min. walk from the Belleville metro. the only chef's tasting menu we had on our Paris visit, and one of the meals we've enjoyed the most, anywhere. simple, family-run bistro ambience, reasonable wine prices. Le Galopin.