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Nov 12, 2012 10:41 AM

Food container brand quiz: name starts with "F"

You all can probably relate to this one. I quickly glanced at some food storage containers in a cookware store; unfortunately I didn't write the name down and now I'm stuck trying to check them out online. Does anybody recognize these?

They were a German name, starting with "F", not Fissler but similar to that. I think the name did have an accented character.

The body is a hard, clear plastic, probably Lexan. It might have had white scroll patterns on it.

The tops had hinges on 4 sides, similar to Lock & Lock.

There were 4 or 5 depths and sizes on display, I recall the rectangular one at about 5" x 8". The sides were slanted so they would nest nicely.

As an aside, I've tried various glass storage containers but I find the larger sizes too heavy for my arthritic thumb, so the Lexan type plastic seems a good alternative.


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    1. re: cutipie721

      Close, but no, that's not it -- thank you for the suggestion cutipie721. The Frieling-Emsa products do look very nice, especially that they're a "no odor" plastic.

      I've spent lots of $$ at the store where I saw it but I won't be able to get back there for quite a while. And I hate the idea of calling them up to ask and then buying online, that offendeth my code of retail customer conduct, particularly when independent kitchen stores are disappearing so fast.

      Searching, searching ...

      1. re: axial

        Does the store have a web site?

      1. Got 'em! -- I finally got back to the store and found the containers. Bought 2 as a test, if all goes well I'll order more.

        Name is Klöken, made in Korea. Body is Eastman Tritan material, BPA-free.

        The bottoms are excellent for dishwasher, no rims to collect excess water. Excellent design. The lids have a good silicon seal ring, and the lock tabs are very easy to manipulate and yet the lids lock very securely. Quality construction.

        There's a charming video by the Korean mfg on YouTube explaining how they were designed especially for kimchi, so odor-resistent while in use or after washing.

        The distributor has some good pix here:

        If the photo upload works, I'll append 3 photos of mine, these are the 3.4 cup size

        Thx for your guesses (with very few details!) everybody.