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Nov 12, 2012 10:37 AM


As someone else mentioned in another thread, Morandi does not seem to be a "board pet." A search of the restaurant does not turn up much recently other than a quick mention here and there. We used to go regularly a couple of years back but seem to have forgotten about the restaurant until recently. I see from their web site they have a bollito misto on Tuesday nights; this is one of my all-time favorite northern Italian meals. Has anyone been to Morandi recently? Has anyone had the bollito misto? Thanks.

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  1. I went a few months ago and I was pleasantly surprised.
    I didn't have the bollito but everything else was spot on!

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      Good to hear, thanks. Just about everything I have ever had there was "spot on." Was it your first time there, alepenazzi?

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        I went two years ago, and I remembered I couldn't stop eating their olive all'ascolana and some good gnocchi alla romana, when I went back before summer I had appetizers and an other pasta... Didn't try their main courses..

    2. We have been a few times, once for my husband's birthday and everything was terrific- especially the service. 2 thumbs up!

      1. I've been there several times recently. I had assorted meats, it was good,but it wasn't bolito misto, that dish they only have on Tuesdays.,.. The pastas were also very good and the grilled calamari is good, and I like their meatballs with raisins and pine nuts. They do a good job on Branzino as well. I am disappointed that they took the porchetta sandwich off the lunch menu.

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          Today I saw a post on Instagram from the Immaculate Infatuation people, and I didn't remember it being mentioned here before, so I did a search and found this post from a few years ago. How does it compare to L'Artusi? That's usually my go-to for strictly pasta dishes. Thanks for any feedback!