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Nov 12, 2012 10:32 AM

Help with Italy itinerary

Hi guys,

Thanks to the wealth of information here I have managed to narrow down some great food choices for our honeymoon in Italy.

We are going to be there from mid November to early December. The wife is a huge lover of burrata cheese and pasta but we are sticking to the North Central area for this trip, Puglia will have to wait.

We are going to visit Rome, Florence, Piedmonte region (staying in Asti) and Venice.

Here is what I have so far, would love any feedback in terms of are we duplicating too many similar kinds of restaurants, anything completely delicious we are missing out on?

3 Days

DINNER Taverna dei Fori Imperiali
LUNCH: Pizzarium (before Vatican visit)
DINNER: Taverna Trilussa
LUNCH:Maybe Taverna Di Monti?

6 Days
Here I dont have enough choices yet but definitely:
(Maybe the Cibreo teatro del sale the show is appealing)
I Due G
Cipolla Rossa
Vini e vecchi sapori
And in a shout out to Allende probably a drive to Lorenzo in Forte Dei Marni.
Im a huge hot spring lover so planning on driving to the Petriolo hot springs near Siena, any great lunches we can eat on the way there?

It seems to me from what I have read that you have to break the bank to eat well in Piedmonte, and that is what we are going to do. But I am afraid we may get fatigued of high end presentation and just want some more rustic, simpler restaurants, perhaps for lunch?

3 Days
DINNER Il Centro
DINNER OSteria Veglio
DINNER ?? La Torre or Da Renzo

2 Days
DINNER: Alle Testieri
DINNER: Anice Stellato
(lunches will be cicchetti)

Then back to Rome for 2 days
DINNER: Perilli
DINNER: Rosciolli

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  1. You definitely do not have to break the bank to eat well in Piemonte. If you want to you can, but not necessary. If you're staying in Asti, I would definitely recommend eating at Da Bardon. It's close to Asti and for our money, our favorite trattoria in Piemonte, among lots of great ones. With the possible exception of Da Renzo, none of the listed ones are high end presentation, in fact just the opposite. Even Da Renzo is not really big on presentation. In Piemonte restaurants/trattorias go for the quality of the ingredients, somewhat similar to the Tuscans (but of course with an entirely different cuisine), not the presentation.

    Congratulations... and eat well and drink (very) well.

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    1. re: allende

      Thanks so much Allende, cannot wait. Da Bardon will definitely be added to the list.

      1. re: themiguel

        Congratulations! Do you mean mid November *this* year?

        Two days is a very short period of time to give Venice and - as I have since found out - Piemonte is an area that I should have given more than 3 or 4 days. I was also surprised at how inexpensive eating well in Piemonte will be.

        If you have the time before you go, I'd suggest rethinking a hurried trip to Venice and devote the time to Piemonte. Maybe come back to Venice for your first wedding anniversary. If it's too late, hope you have a fabulous time regardless!

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      1. Sounds like a fun trip, and you've certainly done your homework!

        Rome: Mostly sounds perfect. My only question is why Taverna Trilussa? I haven't heard anything great about it. But maybe you have?

        Florence: I'm not a Cibreo fan. I think it's overpriced for the kind of food they serve. It used to be good, about 15-20 years ago, but no more. Cozy setting, blah food, and ridiculous prices. And I find Teatro del Sale a circus. All the other choices spot on.

        Venice: Both choices very good. Make sure you reserve ahead of time at both, since especially Testiere is tiny and books up.

        Have a great trip, and report back in.

        1. I will try this post again.

          A great lunch spot is L'Asino D'Oro, in Monti. They have a fixed menu for € 12 (including a glass of wine & water) I don't always love it on a friday (usually some kind of baccala dish) but it is always good and I find it kind of a relief to just have food brought to me without having to make a decision.
          Via Boschetto 73

          Taverna Fori Imperiale is one of my absolute favorite places in town.

          A Trastevere suggestion, I recently had lunch at Da Enzo. For traditional Roman fare, it is outstanding. High quality ingredients, friendly service, boisterous atmosphere.