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Nov 12, 2012 10:15 AM

Kosher Ramen Noodles

Is there such a thing? If so, who sells them? How can I make the stuff like you see in the cup of soup type containers?


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  1. If there was no such thing then my kids would never have made it through high school (or college, for that matter).

    Here's a detailed review on Traditions:

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    1. re: ferret

      Yes, I have seen them, but been put off by the very very high fat content of these. Does anyone sell the noodles, with/out the rest of the flavorings, then how does one go about replicating the flavor aspect w/o all the corresponding (or at least lowering) fat??

      1. re: seikoloco

        Traditions fat content is lower than many non-kosher ramen brands. It's never been known for being a healthy option, just a quick one.

        If you want healthy go with shirataki noodles. But, as expected, zero fat = zero flavor.

        And your original question was "do they exist" so you would have been better off asking if low-fat options existed.

        1. re: seikoloco

          The fat isn't coming from the flavorings. The noodles are fried.

          1. re: seikoloco

            here is a recipe for recreating the tradition soup with real chicken and rel healthy vegetables

        2. Traditions makes both the cups and separate packages of Ramen noodles- like ferret my kids would starve without them

          1. Gefen also makes a line of Ramen Noodles in a couple of different flavors...We get ours from Arons in Flushing, Usually about 2/$1.00

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            1. re: DanksGd

              hakubaku makes ramen noodles without spice packet-organic too!

              We are certified by Kosher Australia and their logo is on all of these packets

              1. re: koshergourmetmart

                These look lovely and wonderful, but I think the OP is looking for convenience - a single serving of noodles, already in a cup, add hot water and eat.
                These seem to be packaged in a larger quantity, like packaged pasta. Do they carry a single serving version?

                1. re: koshergourmetmart

                  do you know if these packets sell in the UK too? thank you

              2. There was a recipe in the mishpacha magazine about a month ago where Chayie Schlisselfeld shares a recipe she created called 'Homemade Tradition Soup' to mimic the tradition cup soups..
                thing is she doesn't write where to buy these kosher ramen noodles??? anybody know??

                unless she means to buy the cup soups and use the noodles from the cups - seems like so from her ingredients list - '2 (3-ounce) packages ramen noodles (discard spice packet)'

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                1. re: chavi1234

                  Tradition also makes a package that is not in a cup. They have a separate spice packet in the package. I suspect that's what she referenced.


                  1. re: avitrek

                    Yeah I did find they sell these Gefen packets too.. Wonder where I could find them in the UK though.. ?

                2. Check the sodium content in those packages

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                  1. re: skipper

                    Exactly. Fat is far from the concern with these. Sodium is.

                    1. re: DeisCane

                      are rame n noodles more at and more sodium than regular noodles? - I want to use the noodles alone without the spice packets - as in this recipe here

                      1. re: chavi1234

                        The noodles themselves are fried so the fat in the noodles will be much higher. The sodium, on the other hand, probably comes from the spice packet, and therefore the noodles themselves probably won't be so high in sodium, if you don't use the spice packet.