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Nov 12, 2012 09:58 AM

Anniversary dinner. 7 years. 75pp budget tax/tip included.

The GF and I are going to be celebrating our 7 year anniversary. If all goes according to plan, she will be more than just a GF before said anniversary.

Unfortunately money is somewhat tight this year so I can't do an uber splurge, but I feel as though 75pp should get us to a decent enough place.

So 'hounds, if you had $150 to spend on dinner for 2 what would it be? This is tax/tip + 2 drinks included so we're probably looking at a $100-$110 for food. Dessert is very important, maybe even more so than the meal.

To that effect, something like "Mess Hall" has a great looking menu although I'm not sure if it'll have the right environs.

Places we have visited in the past for anniversaries...

Inaka (when she was doing the tasting menus), mortons, melting pot (our first), piccaso (LV), boiling crab, cook at home

My "fallback" plan is Kiyokawa or Red Medicine. We are down for anything EXCEPT steak. Smaller plates are better.

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  1. How about Bashan, Racion or Sotto? None of have great atmospheres but all should be within budget

    Good luck and congrats.

    1. Wait, you're doing the asking before, or after the meal? I can't imagine bringing out the ring at Kiyokawa.

      If dessert is important, do a 2-stopper and finish off at Craft. They do a dessert amuse and close out the evening with to-go mignardise/granola. Still my fave dessert "program" in LA over Provi/Red Med. Swindle is super gung-ho on persimmons right now, too.

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      1. re: TonyC

        nonono, all that stuff will happen before hand. Just saying that our "status" as a couple will change this 7th time around.

        we visited Craft LV and weren't exactly blown away so we're not in a hurry to return. I'll look at the menu though, thanks.

        My understanding is the dessert program at providence took a considerable nose dive after the pastry chef left.

      2. MESSHALL is solid, basic fare, but not a place to spring the ring or for a special occasion. RED MEDICINE has great dessert and amazing small plates. We love it. Not everyone agrees.

        It really depends on your sensibility, but you could finish up with an after dinner drink at Bar Bouchon and stroll through the gardens at the Montage BH after. There's jazz most nights at the Parq Bar in the hotel.

        We had a good dinner last night at MAR'SEL at Terrenea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes. It's by far the best view with good food in LA/OC area. It's 40 minutes from DTLA, but you feel you're a million miles away. Ask Neil at MAR' SEL to set it up for you. He'll make it special.

        Good luck!

        On what night will you be doing this?

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        1. re: revets2

          Terrenea is an interesting option but I'd rather not drive to RPV from NoHo. I'll take a look at it though as we do like that part of RPV.

          Bouchon also sounds good as we love Bouchon LV.

          This will be on a Thursday night.

          1. re: ns1

            Not a fan of the food in the dining room at BOUCHON, but BAR BOUCHON is lovely.

            If that's the case, RED MEDICINE. To keep it reasonable, don't order the specials from the right side of the menu.

        2. If you are up for a drive nothing is quite like the rustic charm of Malibu Canyon's Saddle Peak Lodge, Wonderful food and so romantic. Great deserts too.

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          1. Hatfield's seasonal prix fixe at $63pp. You will be a little over your budget but not by much. The ambiance and food is anniversary worthy.


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            1. re: Porthos

              thanks, Hatfield's is a good pick too; we loved their last restaurant and haven't been to the new incarnation yet.