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Nov 12, 2012 09:29 AM

Best places to eat in St. Henri

Hi I would like to explore the many new and trendy places in this area.

So what are the best spots in and around the st. henri area.


edit: forget the new and trendy criteria, list all your favourites in the area, please !

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  1. In St-Henri or not far :
    - Le Smoking Vallée (BYO), opened last winter I think.
    - Léché Desserts, first artisanal doughnuts place in town. Also serves lunch. (ok maybe more in the "new" category than "trendy")
    - EVOO, french restaurant that just opened last week or 2 weeks ago.
    - Nora Gray if you've not been yet... opened last winter I think. Was part of the Top 10 Best New Restaurant in Canada by the EnRoute magazine.

    1. Other than the notorious restaurants in the area (i.e. Joe Beef), there actually aren't a ton of options. I love Tuck Shop on Notre Dame. Smoking Vallee is also pretty good for a BYO, though it's certainly far from exceptional. Normally I'd say Satay Brothers, but their Atwater market stall is closed for the season and they haven't yet opened their permanent home on St. Jacques. You could also try the Grumman 78 HQ on Courcelles near St. Jacques.

      1. Campanelli for Italian Sandwiches (including the famous Meat balls, smoked meat and egg sandwich)
        Caffe Marianni for good brunch and lunch

        None are really new or trendy, but good places in the area

        1. For those suggesting Joe Beef and Nora Gray, those are not in Saint-Henri, but Little Burgundy.

          Our favorite places in Saint-Henri are:

          (1) F+F Pizza for quick but delicious pizza
          (2) Smoking Vallee for a decent french BYOW experience
          (3) Rosti for great rotisserie chicken

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            "So what are the best spots in and around the st. henri area."

            1. re: 514eats

              "In St-Henri or not far" to quote myself.

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                +1 for Rosty - rotisserie done right + great sauces.
                One of our defaults for good delivery.

                1. re: yellowcake

                  Thanks for that, yellowcake & 514eats. I ordered some during the weekend and it was quite good

              2. Those are personal choices:

                I like the Pizza at Greenspot
                My favorite takeout indian is Mumbai
                Nouveau Systeme is classic for chicken but the poutine is with grated cheese (meh!)
                Café Saint-Henri does a great expresso
                Haven't tried smoking vallée yet but heard good things
                Same with EVOO
                Still haven't gone to Brasserie McAuslan to my great shame (they have a nice terrasse apparently and a good venue with occasional shows)

                In Petite bourgogne
                *Joe beef is always full but really good
                *Liverpool house is a good 2nd choice (same owners similar foods... they'll tell you JB is for tourists and locals go to LH)
                *Pizza Geppetto is good
                *Burgundy Lion is a great pub with great pub food but its packed to the rafters on weekends
                *Drinkerie St.Cunégonde looks good but its always full so I never go there
                *I loved Boucan for its pulled pork, bbq chicken, ribs, ect
                *Some people adore Dillalo Burger. I don't know why. Tried and didn't like it.

                Pointe St.Charles
                *You have to try chez Magnan and order a roti de boeuf
                *Try Paul Patate for a Poutine and Spruce beer
                *A la fine pointe does an honest breakfast
                *Quebec Smoked Meat have great smoked meat/deli but they are always closed when I try to go
                *Le Diable a Quatre is my secret place. Its kept mostly open because of the Nordelec building so there is never anybody on weekends. I go there when I want to get a pint on foot and I know Bungondy+Drinkerie will be full. Only problem is that they tend to close at 12h00am but they have a great beer selection on draft!

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                  Has anyone ever tried the Indian place Mumbai on Notre Dame?
                  Groupon has a half off deal, was wondering if its worth trying?

                  1. re: InterFoodie

                    I have tried a lot of indian (Cari Mela, Restaurant Gandhi, ect) and its the one I prefer for Takeout. I usually order a combo B (butter chicken, onion bhaji) and replace the Sag Aloo Baji by Sag Paneer.

                    I prefer the Cari at Pushap and I prefer regular indian dishes at Shezan but if I'm in the South West I prefer Mumbai (might be a question of taste also...)

                    1. re: InterFoodie

                      I'm not a fan - there's much better Indian in the city (even Thali is better, IMHO, certainly for the price). My favourite is Moti Mehal, but if you're stuck in St. Henri, there aren't a lot of other options for Indian...