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Nov 12, 2012 09:20 AM

Bellevue for a group HH

I am coming from out of town to host a client happy hour party in December and am looking for a Bellevue venue that can accommodate 20 or so folks for cocktails/snacks. Would prefer a situation where I don't have to book a private room but where we could have some tables or an area reserved. I realize this could be a pipe dream, especially at this late date, during the holiday rush. Any suggestions? Food type completely open.

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  1. The Westin and the Sheraton hotels in Bellevue both have large dining areas/lounges. Might try them, just a thought.

    1. Try the Taphouse Grill.

      Beer selection is great. They also serve cocktails. From what I remember food is pretty good too.

      1. Pearl used to reserve some tables for our group. Also, Daniel's has the back room (Vintage Lounge) where you can't officially reserve tables but you can go and take over the space (which easily divides into two). Cigar lounge type atmosphere.

        1. Nomu Izakaya offers menu items from Boom Noodle and Blue C. It's upstairs from those restaurants and offers private rooms (although there never seems to be anyone up there). One warning, their well vodka should be avoided. Yech.