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Nov 12, 2012 08:19 AM

Fresh Scallops in the Shell (live)

I had a delicious Fresh Scallop in the shell at Rappahannock Oyster Co in Union Market the other day and I am reminded that I have never seen Live scallops in this area.

Does anyone know where I might get them?

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  1. It has been a while but Wagshall's in spring valley would have them once in a while - and would order them if you gave them some time.

    They are a pain to harvest and handle, so expect to pay a pretty high price. Also yo may want to familiarize yourself with how to clean and prep the scallop, it is not like shucking a clam or oyster, before you make the investment.

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      Thanks for the reminder - I've done them just once, over ten years ago, and I remember them to be a pain (and me a Hack) but they were so worth it. They actually showed me how to do it where I bought them (I think it was Zupan's in Portland, OR) - But I was still pretty sloppy.