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Nov 12, 2012 07:30 AM

Singapore in February

Native Singaporean who hasn't lived in Singapore for 20 years and haven't visited for 5 years. I will be home for 2 weeks over Chinese New Year period (Feb 10th to 20th). The Singapore food scene has always been really fluid and dynamic. Looking for recommendations for the following:

1. Local favorites, in particular:
-Char kway teow
-Roti prata
-Sambal Stingray
2. Chinese Vegetarian food (with the mock meats made out of tofu sheets/gluten)
3. Indonesian Rice Table
4. Malay Nasi Padang
5. I used to remember a place that specialized in tofu maybe 10 years ago. Wondering if there are places that serve exceptional tofu dishes. My 2 kids in particular love tofu.
6. Dim Sum


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  1. Welcome home ... when you do next Feb.

    My recs:
    1. CKT - Outram Park fied koay teow at Hong Lim Food Centre (this is the Singapore type, NOt the Penang type)
    Roti prata - Madras New Woodlands (see
    )Laksa - one of the spots in Katong, of course (see
    )Satay - a few competing options in Lau Pa Sat in the evening
    Sambal stingray - I go to one of the stalls in Newton Food Centre, or else Makansutra Glutton's Bay at the Esplanade Theatres on the Bay.

    2. Chinese vegetarian - one of the oldies: Loke Woh Yuen on Tanjung Pagar Rd or Fut Sai kai on Kitchener Rd. They'll have those retro mock meat dishes you hanker for.

    3. Indonesian rice table - I'd not been to the eponymously-named Rice Table restaurant on Orchard Rd for a long time already, but it was really good in its hey-days ( Like you've mentioned, the dining scene in Singapore has always been pretty fluid, so if it's lasted for > 10 years., itmust be doing something right.

    4. Malay Nasi Padang - where else but Hajjah Maimunah on Jalan Pisang, near the Sultan Mosque, Kampung Glam.

    5. Are you referring to Sichuan Dou Hua - it's still there but it's premier outlet is now located at the 60th floor of UOB Tower 2. It started off in United Square if I remember correctly, and later moved to Beach Road.

    6. Dim sum: top 5 in Singapore are (in descending order of *my* priority) - (1) Taste Paradise at ION Orchard, (2) Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck at Paragon, (3) Imperial Treasure at Great World City, (4) Crystal Jade Palace at Ngee Ann City, and (5) Lei Garden at the Chijmes.

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    1. re: klyeoh

      excellent - we'll be in Singapore in January - will be checking these out! do you know the stall number at Outram Park? there used to be a CKT out there w cockles that was amazing, but then I thought the guy moved.

      does the makansutra still exist in printed format?

      CKT and laksa are top of my list.

      1. re: debbieann

        I don't have the stall number, but it's on the second floor of Hong Lim Food Centre, although it still retains its name: Outram Park CKT,

        Makansutra still has a print format :-)

        1. re: klyeoh

          Many, many thanks, klyeoh!! I will check out those places. Being home during Chinese New Year also means there will be an awesome Chinese Banquet imbedded within the suggestions you made. I cannot wait to chow!

          For the Sichuan Dou Hua, I think you are right. I want my kids to get a taste of tofu in its different incarnations. I am lucky to have kids born and raised in the US who love tofu!

          Thank you again for all the suggestions!