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Nov 12, 2012 07:00 AM

Hito Japanese Restaurant in Mount Kisco

Hito is new, opening approx. a month ago. We went on opening day and the food was so fresh and amazing! Had take-out last night from them and it was a repeat performance. Our group had several different sushi and sashimi rolls as well as a shrimp tempura - all so delicious. The staff is super friendly and even apologetic when the food took slightly longer than expected. The dining room is beautiful, a perfect date spot. It's located right on Main Street, near LensCrafters.

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  1. Good to know. Do you know what was there before?

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    1. re: GIOny

      It's on Main Street. There was a pub and now there are two restaurants, MK Tavern and Hito. Across the street from the "Littles (spice bazaar, kabob house).

    2. I ate there the other night and food/service was good. We had some appetizers and a couple of rolls. Sushi was fresh and the food was served in a timely fashion. I would go back again.

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      1. re: e280l132

        sigh - "fresh".

        where DO you guys go where the food, and especially sushi, is stale?

        1. re: weedy

          I would certainly like to know of places (so as to avoid them) where sushi was served which contained fish or rice which was spoiled, maggoty, limp, wilted, moldy, rancid or just plain rotten, all of these words being common antonyms for "fresh."