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Nov 12, 2012 06:52 AM

Mumbai emergency!

Title a little dramatic but my trip to India has been a last minute affair and so far I've been making do in Delhi, Agra, Jaipur etc. There's no way I want to miss out on all the amazing eats that Mumbai is bound to possess and somI am turning to you all here formsome (hopefully) last minute advice.

Ordinarily I would ask for the bestnjointsnfor the following foods:

Best burger (sorry if a little insensitive seeing as this is the India board)
Best sandwiches (toasted and other - I hear Mumbai is a must try for these)
Best pizza
Best kebabs (London hasnsome great seek kebab joints but there's no way that they are the best in the world - surely Mumbai can deliver on this? Delhi disappointed a little on this - I ate at Karim's but the highlight there was the Karahi Ghosht rather then e kebabs)
Best Karahi Ghosht (or similar curries which need to be accompanied by great roti/naan piping hot and buttery

To this list I would add anything that you can suggest that I should simply not miss out on whilst in Mumbai. I have taken note of the fairly recent posting of the Bombay foodnitinerary and what look like excellent suggestions there. I am also reading the Mumbai Boss blog for some info but don't know-how reliable they are on food. I would add that I am the biggest fan of cheap eats and street food because to me they exemplify e best of food. I'll be staying in Colaba at the Taj so if I want expensive, watered down bland food there's probably plenty of it right there.

Oh and to make my lack of preparedness worse, I arrivemin Mumbai late tomorrow night and leave on Saturday 17 November so not much time.

I will be planning my Mumbai itinerary around food rather than sightseeing priorities so please, look forward to any help/posts that you can all provide.

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  1. Its been almost two years since our last stop through bombay but im preparing for another trip in about a month. Thinks i am looking forward to going back to from our last trip:

    -britannia restaurant in ballard estate - lunch only, parsi biryani is incredible, i cant imagine the aged proprieter is as enthusiastic as last time but i hope his rice is as good.

    -trishna/mahesh lunch home, really great seafood and a little mumbaiker scene (some really hilarious conversational eavesdropping at trishna one night included hard core movie production talk at one adjacent table and barely coherent russian tourists at the next).

    -zaffran in crawford market for north indian. the 3am delivery of kati rolls is one of the more vivid food memories of the last few years (all the more impressive given how hazy the rest of the evening is in retrospect).

    greedily anticipating more responses as i plan my own trip, and definitely do report back on where you go!