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Nov 12, 2012 06:51 AM

Boston - Financial District (Dinner) and Copley (Breakfast) Recommendations.

I am looking for recommendations for breakfast in the Copley area and Dinner in the Financial District. This is a small group (4 people) for business purposes. For breakfast, the Oak Long Bar may be on the top of the too expensive breakfast. For dinner, I would like a place somewhat newer that isn't Trade.

Please help. Thanks.

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  1. Nix's Mate in the Hilton might work.

      1. For better or worse, this "some place that isn't Trade" comment was the deciding factor in the cancelation of my reservation there for Thursday. It's complaints about noise, more than anything, that began to trouble me. I think we'll do Shojo instead.

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          Finn - I have had no real problem with Trade. I just got the feeling that they think they are trendier then they really are. The service and food were slow and expensive. I would have a drink there, but doubt I'd go back for dinner when there are a ton of other options in the city.

        2. The Westin Copley Sq has a nice breakfast at The Huntington. It leans towards a business atmosphere with nice large windows. The steel cut oat brûlée that I had was yummy! In addition to an a la a carte menu, the have 2 buffet options. Service was nicely attentive too.