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Nov 12, 2012 05:50 AM

remember The Bazaar of All Nations??

My brother called to tell me that WHYY was running a show on the place. Remember Dad sending me there to buy cinnamon buns... any excuse to drive the car! Brother used to go there cuz Chuck Taylor's were cheaper there. Didn't realize it was open until about 1990? Now it's site of a supermarket and one of the big home stores.

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  1. Indeed I do. Used to head out there from West Philly with my daughter who was born in 1982.

    Amazing what they had in food, dry goods, services -- an original mall. The picture framing was reasonably priced. The lamp store had a great selection of shades for old lamps I'd found. Even picked up a roll of those perforated tickets for a raffle. They had everything!

    A DVD of the documentary is available online at bazaarofallnations dot com.

    1. I got sick on Reese's cups there.

      Good times.

      1. It had to be close to 50 years ago, my dad would take me there probably once a month on Saturdays. There were shops/stalls for everything - underware, key making, hobby shop, picture framing, etc.

        We would always get the soft pretzels and a box of sticky buns for the family.

        1. It was something else before the Bazaar...Atlantic Thrift?

          1. Was there a bar/restaurant in the back right corner?