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Nov 12, 2012 05:11 AM

Good Eats Turkey...Anybody try it with a bigger bird?

We're going to try the Good Eats method this year sans brining (500 degrees for 30 minutes, 350 thereafter, no basting, no stuffing). The recipe calls for a 14-16 pound bird, which we've used in the past with great success. We're getting a bird in the 22-24 pound range this year (too many guests for a smaller turkey, too few for 2 turkeys) and I was wondering if anyone has had experience with a big GE turkey.


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  1. Yeah I've roasted some big turkeys. No difference except roasting time.....and a lot bigger roasting pan. LOL I'm lucky to know a restaurant owner who'll lend me a big pan. Whatever you do don't buy one of those aluminum disposable ones or you may have turkey on the floor. Check out your local churches who serve meals in the basement. They always have big pans. A 'donation' to the church wouldn't go amiss. I always leave the legs untied to get a more even temp throughout. I stuff the bird with some halved lemons and fresh thyme. I used to roast chickens/turkey/wild birds just as you plan to do and it worked just fine. But a couple of years ago I saw an AB Good Eats episode where Alton made the point that any protein strand will turn into rubber bands if the temp goes over 212 F. He used a turkey to demonstrate I think. The logic seemed to work so since then I never go over 212F. (Starting a bird out at 500F even for half an hour will turn the meat closest to the skin into rubber. We've all noticed that.) The results are IMO excellent every time. To get a nice golden brown crispy skin on any bird I just crank up the heat to max. when the internal temp is what I want. In a couple of minutes the skin turns golden brown. I rest the bird. The couple of minutes in a max. oven doesn't effect the internal temp at all.

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      How long does a 15 lb turkey take if the oven is kept at 212? I'm intrigued by this, but since I serve dinner on the early side I'd have to do mine overnight if I did it this way.

    2. Ive used that method with a 20 lber. Takes a little long to get to temp, but the result is the same.