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Nov 12, 2012 04:12 AM

How long do different types of Offal Keep in the fridge after purchase? in particular Tripe

I have some Beef Tripe I bought Friday but didn't cook over the weekend. Would it still be ok to cook on Monday morning?

Its been in the fridge in a somewhat vacuum sealed package. I buy from this Farm-Direct place so its probably come almost directly from the abattoir late last week.

How long would butchers usually keep stock anyway?

More generally, how long do other types of Offal and related meat products usually keep in the fridge?

say Liver, Hearts, Sweetbreads, Kidneys, Tongue, Blood Sausage / Black Pudding, Boudin Noir etc

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  1. I have been informed that what I bought is actually Pre-cooked tripe. Which I presume is known as Dressed Tripe rather than Green Tripe.

    Green Tripe = totally unprocesssed with flecks of stomach contents still on it and a grey colour.

    Dressed Tripe = cleaned tripe and blanched / boiled for a time and bleached for a whiter colour.

    Does this still need to be cooked for 2-3 hours then?

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      Think of it as a cured ham, basic cooking done but has to be 'sauced' properly and cooked for the flavors to meld.. Should last a long time as is. Here is Paris thing like hearts and gizzards are rarely sold in a refrigerator case, has not been a problem for me. Have wondered a bit though.

    2. Heart and liver keep a WHOLE lot better than kidneys. If the kidneys weren't processed that day, and maybe, just maybe the day before, you're better off skipping them. They start to smell like what they process quite fast. Liver can do the same, but not as rapid as kidney. As soon as you start butchering a whole kidney it needs to hit the pan, otherwise all those new cuts in the meat will start releasing that ammoniated smell and taste.

      Tongue has always kept for me as well as any whole meat cut. It's basically just muscle tissue anyway, no different than a chuck roast or Boston butt.

      Can't help you on the blood sausage storage, but I do know that fresh pigs blood needs to be cooked within two days of it being drained from the animal. Anymore than that and your probably gonna have some funky red stuff in the fridge. You can freeze it though from what I've read, but no experience personally.